Sevilla 2011 – Analog B&W set, Ilford ISO400

21:30 pm of 30 of December 2010 the Seville Job Comité gather around a rusty metal table for a desperate last beer of 2010 in Seu Café, Faro.  In the cold night a rumor of a possible Andalusia expedition rose among the presents, considering the plummeted expectations of  a cool New-Year’s Eve Party nearby.

Pick one beer more, drive back to the beach to pack our bags and pick up the dog… no one is left behind.  One hour later and we were leaving in the old mob Mercedes-Benz to Spain.  It was a long way to Seville, especially because of these rainy winter night; we at last arrived to Seville, with happy ending around 3 a.m (local time).

We kind of woke up in the warmest morning, 90% humidity and some pain in neck, knees and several other important joints.  The Mercedes wasn’t enough and the lesson was quickly learned;  the first task of the day was to find real shelter for the upcoming night.
Before lunch we already had 2 rooms for 5 in the city center. Kind of tricky situation but everything was going on our favor.

New-Year’s Eve was as good as it can get. We headed to calle Betis, there’s no chance to miss it if you are looking for some party. Like anywhere else in 31 of December, a lot of beer, champagne and enthusiasm. The rest is history and it turn out that nobody got into jail that nigh, against odds.

Followed a very pleasant (hangover),  however short time in Seville. Nevertheless it was enough time to visit and get to know some interesting spots in the capital of Andalusia. Definitively a city to visit and revisit on each possible chance. What is left of it are good memories and this textured, vintage fashion, analog photography set, which seems to have been found in some forgotten dusty box in the attic.


camera: Canon EOS 300 

lens: Canon 28 – 80 mm

film: Ilford BW ISO400


sevilhe  F1010030 brega2 brgr2 bright F1020019 F1020025 trees BOY boys2 F1020001


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