4 fellows landing in Normandy – Feb, 2013

During the exams period, after the first semester, four fellows started to workout a road-trip plan. Among the hypothesis of destinations the Ardenes (Belgium), the Black Forest (Germany), some nearby ski resort or Normandy (France). The doubt about the destiny remained until the very last day before departure. It was overall agreement that anywhere could be a place suitable to release study tension.

Late night in Mollenaarstraat – 152, already enjoying the relief of mission accomplished after the last exam, the fellows got together to enjoy some Belgium beers. A rumor raised among the presents that Normandy was the place to be. Next morning all our primary needs were packaged and ready to go (guitars, harmonic, food, beers and some warm clothes to handle the cold winter were also included). The first ride was waiting and we didn’t took long to leave the warm and comfortable homes (in our beloved hosting city of Gent) towards North-Sea shores.

From the moment we left we could only imagine the rough and cold two nights we had ahead and how the following three days would remain in our collective memory as the most amazing, funny but frustrated road-trip of 2013.  Colds healing, rainy and windy days, freezing nights, uncomfortable car sleeping, broken engines and last but not the least, food intoxication with slow recoveries… but nevertheless, we enjoyed amazing sights and gathered exiting stories to tell later!!! It was undoubtedly an enriching experience to get to know Normandy, however in a brief manner. It was impressive the mixture of sensations delivered by this land of unstable weather, where the green grass meadows and smooth hills meet the rough seas of the English channel mediated by abrupt cliffs, and a huge historical relevance that make chills run throughout your spine. The rather small set of images which follow are the humble register of our short but intense Normandy experience, that even against our lucky, we do not regret!

In the English Channel the fellows were happy  to reach the first checkpoint without casualties.

In the English Channel the fellows were happy to reach the first checkpoint without casualties.

Birds seams to be taken out of Hitchook movie

The hundreds of sea-birds seam to be out of some  Hitchcock movie.

Siluets of tree fellows in the windy sunset of the English Channel

Silhouettes of tree fellows against the windy sunset of the English Channel.


.Hommage to Nungesser and Coli, whom first attempt to cross by plane the English Channel, the 8 of May – 1927, on board of  l’Oiseau Blanc.


Bruno Libardoni reaches easily the tip of the homage to l’Oiseau Blanc.

Le Catedral - Etretat

winter view over L’Aiguille and Le Port d’Aval – (a.k.a. Le Catedral) – Étretat


.Étretat hundred meters cliffs. Really imposing sight.


The colors of the pebbles


Two persons that walk in the distance give the scale for the cliffs  that dominate the shoreline.


The fellows walk the quiet and lonely meadows in the early morning. Étretat

Bruno Libardoni with "Le Catedral" in background.

Bruno Libardoni with “Le Catedral” in background.


The city hall in Étretat, with the French proud waving flag.


single meal of Mules and french-fries. Which unfortunately turn out to be a major cause of concern to the fellows guts.


The thoughtful Guillermo Clavel could never imagine the hard times he went trough after the incredible meal. Coronel Restrepo also reveals unhappiness when he finds the already empty red-wine jar.  Unfortunate fools overwhelmed by Normandy charming gastronomy.


Museum of the D-Day, nearby Omaha beach, where some important allies forces took place in 1944.



Bruno having a small idea of what fells like to be behind the steel in an overcasts afternoon. The well known boats type used in the landings lying dry in the background.


German (?) war obus of the middle 40’s.

Allie tank

Allie tank and the fellows. You can really touch history around here.


.”Long Tom” American 155 mm cannon used in the conquer of Omaha. Fire range – 27 km

Omaha today

Omaha beach today. Seams a quiet place to me.

Informative plaque explains D-Day landing events.

Informative plaque explains D-Day landing events.

Omaha beach memorial to the allies lost souls of Normandie landings on June - 1944

Omaha beach memorial to the allies lost souls of Normandie landings on 6 th – June – 1944


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