Gent sights 2013 – High Definition Range Imaging (HDRI)

This images are part of a personal running project that aims to capture urban sights and landscape in Gent- Belgium. The purpose in mainly to document its modern and classic architecture, and as well the city hot-spots using a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and a 18-55mm lens. Theses photography’s are lately to be edited according with High Definition Range Imaging techniques (HDRI). Have in mind that the original photography is not changed in any way besides exposure blending and other minor adjustments that usually are needed in any photo.

The actual reason is none other than the intrinsic interest to discover and document this beautiful historical city, which I’ve been given the change to be enjoying since September of 2012. This post is suitable to have updates anytime soon, since I am not leaving Gent until the end of June 2013.

the shoes that walked these streets

Foreign students that come to live in Gent have the funny tradition to trow a pair of shoes onto the electrical wires before they leave the city for good. It seems that this action works as pain relief for those who build a strong connection while living Gent. Behind each shoe there’s a story that silently hangs now from shoestrings.

Bicycles are a pretty common sight in Belgium cities. They are environment friendly, fast and cheap alternative to other transports. Riders are also very well-respected by motorized traffic, which make of as safest as it can get. Beware of tram rails.

Gent canals are also important city veins. They can offer sights as such in the picture.

Gent canals are also very important city veins. They can offer sights  such as  this picture. This canals are not any longer used for commerce like it was once, now the boat are full of tourists that want to see the city secrets from another perspective. The canals are also used for aquatic recreation by the locals. It’s pretty easy to spot some young athlete sailing a kayak anytime of the year.


Justitiepaleis is the palace of justice in Gent, this modern building complex is signed by Stephane Beel. It is located in the northwest part of the city in the well-known neighborhood of Rabot, very close to the centrum.


One of the most interesting places to visit is undoubtedly the centrum canals and squares. If you are lucky enough to see Gent after a snowy afternoon you will for sure won’t forget it. In the back Gravensteen count castle towers invite to have some more enigmatic, medieval and fairy-tale like moments.


Gralei, city center meeting point for tourists, young people, musicians, any color, any creed, that want to enjoy sunny rays in urban environment. Usually when the weather is high hundreds of people sit to chat, play and drink Belgium beers in both sides of the canal.


Gravensteen counts castle is one of the most noticeable historic building in the city centrum. It was already reconstructed and it’s now the only surviving medieval castle in Flanders. Owns a large, intriguing and interesting history including funny happenings. Would have to dedicate quite a large post to get near a resume.


Classic example of city squares and one of the oldest. In the middle stands the statue of Jacob van Artevelde, “the wise man of Ghent”.

This is the end of the street were I’ve been living. A few days in a row with temperatures below 0º C were needed to completely froze the canal surface.

Recent controversial building in city center. If you stay long enough in Gent you will eventually get used to it.

Long exposure and light painting in a suburb garden.


St. Niklas Church and city hall perspective.

Weird architecture part of Justitiepaleis building complex in Rabot

This building is today where one of Gent canals end, but it was once one of the main entrance by water to the city centrum. Peculiar building remarking the medieval soul of Gent, contrasting with the nearby modern architecture and the traffic rush.


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