El Norte en España (the North, in Spain) – Aug. 2009

By the age of 24, in August (2009) during university summer vacations I decided to travel by car the North shores of Spain, where I’d never been before. The idea of some calm days around turned into the never ending discovery by car of this amazingly rich and exquisite part of the Iberia.
Whereas by that time all the Peninsula was covered by the golden color of middle summer, the north seemed to be forgotten by the heat and drought. Instead, the year-round green colors of the mountains were already pretty much refreshing. In case that leaves and trees weren’t refreshing enough, the clear cold blue water from Galiza and Asturias could easily accomplished the job… a little bit too refreshing I am afraid.

I didn’t had any special destiny, so I drove along the shore line for 7 days from Baiona (Galiza) until Leikeitio (Basque Country) and I took another 2 days to get back home. During this journey I made an effort to stop in each cape and small coastal villages, where I had the faith I would find the more quiet and alternative tourism sites. To my surprise the quietness of almost every place was astonishing considering the time of the year. However shortly I also had the time to enjoy beautiful cities such as A Coruña and Bilbao…  but personally the more interesting stops were the area surrounding Mundaka (very well known for hosting one of the most incredible left handed waves to surf in Europe) and the overwhelming insides of “Picos de Europa”, which extend I clearly ignored.

The short money I had for the trip was more than anything spent in fuel and experimenting the exquisite gastronomy. Sleeping was shared between the Rover 214 and the sleeping tent that I settled mainly in lonely beaches or under capes lighthouses.

The trip was an enriching experience (like trips use to be) and also a success, mainly considering I got back home in good health and I didn’t had any problem with authorities by wild camping! The food, the people and sights surely gave me the desire to come back in order to explore more deeply the beauty and culture of the north.

A big part of the images where lost with a external-disk two years ago but I had the objective of re-publish some of the remaining photos in a better place than the former publication. The set of images here presented are far from being a serious photography approach, but rather an interested register of that trip. The 3:2 format was adapted from the original canvas and the edition was refined to get better contrasts and levels adjustments (not so much delivered by the camera itself).

008 (2)_1500 021_1500 028_1500 034_1500 037_1500 050_1500 053_1500 057_1500 058_1500 059_1500 061_1500 065_1500 066_1500 074_1500 076 (2)_1500 076_1500 077 (2)_1500 078_1500 085 (2)_1500 086_1500 092_1500 093_1500 097_1500 100_1500 108_1500 122_1500 131_1500 132_1500 134_1500 136_1500 151_1500 155_1500 219_1500 229_1500 230_1500 233_1500 243_1500 244_1500 259_1500 261_1500 299_1500 307_1500 332_1500 338_1500 390_1500 391_1500 408_1500 464_1500 494_1500 519_1500


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