Cádiz, “the Ancient” in the West. (Spain)

Cádiz is known to be one of the most ancient inhabited cities from Western Europe, it was for several centuries an important port for trade and military affairs. Established near the southern edge of the Iberia Peninsula by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean it is located in the strategic proximity of North Africa and the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC from where they planned and launch expansion campaigns to the nearest continent; it was first given the name of “Gadir”, meaning Walled City, which tuner “Agadir” during the followed Berbers conquer. In Greek was called was “Gadeira” – according to Greek legend, Hercules founded the city after his tenth labor. In Roman times, “Gades” was an important upper-class Augustine city and the Moors ruled for 500 years under the name “Qadis”. The inhabitants of Cádiz are today called of “Gaditano” tracing the importance of the Roman influence in the past.

Cádiz is nowadays known by its charm and also fascinating history which is an impossible task to summarize in a short manner. Its beauty, well preserved monuments and the legendary Carnival are the major attractions to those heading to this traditional Andalusian town. The city is today divided in two parts by the main entrance Puertas de Tierra: first in what was a former island and inside the city walls is “el Casco Antiguo” almost completely surrounded by sea, where the most traditional neighborhoods are found, such as La Viña, el Pópulo and Santa Maria; characterized by complex organization of narrow winding streets and alleys connecting the main squares and important spots. Secondly them most modern part of the city is built upon a narrow sand isthmus that connects the island to mainland, where modern architecture and wider streets dominate completely the available space.

To try illustrating in my humble approach some of the most noticeable areas of the city, I hereby present and republish a short set of HDRI images and long-exposure photography’s which I had the chance to produce from September 2011 to August 2012, while I enjoyed the living of the warm weather and people Cádiz have to offer.

DPi_0001 DPi_0002 DPi_0003 DPi_0004 DPi_0005 DPi_0006 DPi_0007 DPi_0008 DPi_0009 DPi_0010 DPi_0011 DPi_0012 DPi_0013 DPi_0014 DPi_0015 DPi_0016 DPi_0017 DPi_0018 DPi_0019 DPi_0020 DPi_0021 DPi_0022 DPi_0023 DPi_0024 DPi_0025 DPi_0026 DPi_0027 DPi_0028 DPi_0029 DPi_0030 DPi_0031 DPi_0032 pano


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