The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award.

Dear beloved ones that visit this site, I just got into this nice situation called Liebster Award. I’ve got nominated by the blog “A Pinch of Adventure” to answer a few questions, to nominate another 11 blogs and to produce a few questions to be answered by the next bloggers.  The Liebster Award is a funny and direct way to promote blogs and bloggers, their materials and articles. The only thing you’ll have to do if you are interested in promoting this adventurous concept is to follow these simple steps:

  • Answer the questions I’ve posted for you below.
  • Select 11 blogs with less than 200 followers you think are worth to visit.
  • Briefly reference (with link) who nominated you in your post.
  • Produce 11 questions to be answered by your nominees.
  • Warn your nominees they’ve won your Liebster Award.

In what concerns my nomination, thanks to my  A Pinch of Adventure friends and fellow-bloggers to consider my site worth of being visit by others. Because this friends have a good connection with Faro (PT) where I am at now,  I’ve decided to answer each of their question and adding a random photo of Ria Formosa from a set I’ve been preparing in this September of 2014.

My blog selection:

1 – A Pinch of Adventure – Marianina, Lore, Liz & Siel bring to you a rich and interesting catalog of travel, cultures and experiences through their words and lenses.  (I hope is not illegal.. but I had to include you here!)

2 – Zazamouk Production – Hervé Zazamouk is a charismatic French friend. Loads of interesting stuff in his blog like photos, videos and other creative material, if your missing some adventure and fun ‘check him out’.

3 – Morning Spank – A joint of French authors writing opinion articles about the most notorious issues they find interesting to discuss. Give them some spanking, specially in the morning… you don’t have to ask first.

4 – Nuno Alves Photography – Nuno is a good friend, a very dedicated photographer with a great perspective on wild life. On his blog you will find premium photography about wild-life and landscape of Algarve (and others) and other curious and clean approaches to photography like long-exposures and macro

5 – GoForIt Bodyboard – A facebook page where the community of photographers and bodyboard riders of Algarve post photos, news and events about the sport in the region. Who said Faro doesn’t have proper waves??? Take your own conclusions.

6 – – Prof. Mario Quevedo, senior scientist from the University of Oviedo (Spain) comments and shares information by the scope of a scientist. Not only a blog for educational purposes but also a place where questioning the mechanism of modern science ethics, the state of art of ecology and the processes of management and sustainability on wild-life conservation.

7 – CETIDMED – For those interested in marine life and specially in cetaceans, here is a blog which contains a catalog of photos for cetacean in the peninsular Mediterranean Sea and gulf of Cadiz. A good example of the many utilization a blog can  have.

8 – Relatos de uma Diva – A blog mainly dedicated to the girls, but I’ve had great fun reading through some nice material on the archives.  In summary, a Diva from Brasil writes down with special charisma and humor her opinion and perspective about society behavior upon love, life, friendship, parties and other cosmopolitan concerns.

9 – Hanifah Siregar – A photoblog from a great friend, based on Flirk community, with great photos. Besides her Biologist (MSc.) studies, Hanifah is a great photographer with a brilliant creative approach to light and composition, producing lovely portraits with surreal effects. A closer insight to Hanifah’s archives will not disappoint photography lovers.

10 – (I am sorry… I cannot remember other worth of distinction).

11 – (the nominations are not necessarily following a preference order).


  1. For how long are you blogging?
  2. Name, age, job.
  3. In few words describe what is the main objective of your blog.
  4. Where are you from and where do you live now?
  5. What are your main interests when you talk about creativity?
  6. What ‘pieces you off’ the most?
  7. Describe your perfect date  = P
  8. (back to reality…) Favorite quote:
  9. Next project/action you pretend to publish?
  10. Have you any other hobbies or passions, besides the obvious (photography, travel, blogging)?
  11. Post below a photography you love (it as to be yours).

My best answer to “A Pinch of Adventure” blog:


-Why did you start blogging? I’ve started blogging because it is an easy medium to share the products of my experiences, with a good reach to the public. In what concerns to photography, video, music or written articles I guess the web is nowadays the cheaper and faster tool to promote the creative material of authors.


-Which was your very first camera? Is impossible to say with which model I started my first experiences, but if by ‘CAMERA’ you mean a SLR, then it was a Canon 300… not that long ago!


-Tell us some of your favorite books: That list would probably look like: “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri; “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka; “The Castle” by Franz Kafka and ” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson.


-What is the best place you have visited so far? The most impressive place I’ve ever been is the Andes mountain chain, near Mendoza (Argentina) where are the higher peaks. I love the wonderful sense of nature-vs-human scale in very wide spaces or near big structures.


-Do you travel often? If yes, what is travelling for you? I often move, but to ‘travel’ in the real sense not as much as I would like. Although I feel blessed because of every opportunity I’ve been given to get to know, to live and visit in different places and cultures.


-Tell us one place that you would like to visit..Right now!(We pay for you!) I want my next travel to be Sri Lanka (is not that expensive…), there are some surf peaks : )


-Mountain or sea? Mountains under the sea.


-What is your favorite piece of equipment (travelling/photography/other)? DSLR + tripod + bodyboard gear


-Is there a particular person, famous or not that inspires you? I don’t have any particular person inspiring me . I get inspired by VERY-good-people, good-friends, by good athletes, good artists, good musicians, good writers and ultimately by LIFE, LOVE, BEAUTY, NATURE & COSMOS.


-What’s the first thing you do when you arrive to a new place? To find the North.


-Is there anything you would like to change in the place or in the way you live? I would love to be able to create (even a small) change in behavior in what concerns the use of biological and mineral resources. I guess in a first step the main objective would be to make people think about some topic ideas such as ‘co-existence’ with other species, to find energetic sustainability and responsible management of both biological and mineral resources and to promote the recycling and re-utilization of all domestic materials (often known as ‘waste’).


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