Z-Point – Nov.2014

Zavial 013

Ivo Muxaxo prepares clean ride.

Zavial 030

Empty left-handed waves at the alternative point of Z .

Zavial 046

Ivo Muxaxo drop in for another right-5-footer at his home break.

Zavial 064

Local surfer Francisco Pinheiro exploring the inside sand bank marvels. photo: Luciano Jr.

Zavial 080

inside wave @ Z

Zavial 086

Tiago Matoso about to air-drop the first section on a more characteristic Z-point peak format.

Zavial 089

Delicacies of Autumn afternoons. I

Zavial 092

Delicacies of Autumn afternoons. II

Zavial 106

Nuno Alves essays a stretched bottom turn on another promissory left-handed of a Sunday afternoon.

Zavial 132

Ideal to mind-surf from head to toe.

Zavial 141

Tiago Matoso executes ‘el rollo’

Zavial 157

Illegal immigration reveals to be a primary cause of concern for the authoctonous species of Z-point line-up.

Zavial 235

Ivo Muxaxo preparing landing after ‘inverting’ his perspective from his own backyard. photo: Luciano Jr.

Zavial 248

Delicacies of Autumn afternoons. III


Panoramic perspective of the oriental Z beach margin.


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