My name is Nuno Potes,  born in 1985 in Évora (Portugal).  I am a Biologist, photographer, traveler, conservationist, naturalist and sports lover.  Professionally I am  level III (EU) professional in Multimedia, BSc Biologist by  University of Algarve (Faro – Portugal) since 2011;   and a  MSc. in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC) by University of Gent (Belgium) since 2014. The latest program is an Erasmus Mundus Master program held by a consortium of 7  European Universities comprising – University of Gent (Belgium), Universidade do Algarve (Portugal), Universidad de Oviedo(Spain), University Pierre & Marie Currie (France), University of Bremen(Germany), University of Klaipeda (Lituania) and University of Galway (Ireland).

Even my object of study is related with natural/biological sciences, environment and conservation, I am also interested in photography and image edition.  I had my first contact with this topics back in secondary school, were I actually started to developed skills in analog photography and image & video edition software.  In what concerns to image capturing and edition I am focusing mainly in travel, sports, nature and urban subjects, but any other is suitable to catch my attention and interest.  It is kind of broad object, but  that’s just how it naturally comes to me.

Nowadays I’m pretty committed with environment conservation, information spreading and environmental awareness. It is my believe that a change of mentalities is happening even there is still a long way to go.  Respect for nature and  sustainable co-existence between humans and environment/species can be achieved based on a wiser and responsible usage of resources, despite the fact it is a never ending task. We still have to do it either way, or we don’t stand a chance as a species in a medium term future. Sustainability, co-existence and responsible use of all resources are in my opinion some of the most important goals to the XXI century.

The propose of this website is therefore, to allow me to post and share my creative material of photography, image (and who knows sound and video), and  as well to publish and spread information about my involvement in creative, artistic or scientific projects.  My target viewer is anyone how dares to have a critical thought about the material here presented, in the sense that everything which is being published must have some kind of sense to me…  If it makes some sense for you to, then the message is through.

Last but not the least, making contacts, discussing topics and technical aspects about the publications, mine and yours interests, sharing experiences and spread environmental awareness are also among the objectives. I consider that internet and image are together a great medium to spread information, art and creativity, making of it a powerful tool for cultural and education actions reaching all age ranges.

If you are interested in a peculiar picture, working collaborations, to comment some aspect of photography, or just to send a personal opinion, please  visit my contacts for further information.

All the best.

Nuno Zavattieri Potes


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Nuno, great staff! I love your pictures, their color, composition and all the thoughts you share! We decided to nominate your blog for the Liebster award,a collaborative award that was created to motivate small bloggers to keep creating ,link with other bloggers and discover new blogs. You can find our blog proposals and rules on our blog post: http://t.co/aiIEF7IXHO. We hope you will accept this award! Cheers!

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